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本文摘要:Chinese networking equipment firm Huawei Technologies Co. says theres a risk that the global technology industry could splinter along geographic or political lines in the wake of revelations that the National Security Agency has targeted s


Chinese networking equipment firm Huawei Technologies Co. says theres a risk that the global technology industry could splinter along geographic or political lines in the wake of revelations that the National Security Agency has targeted specific technology products. The company is calling for international cooperation among technology manufacturers to create standards and best practices that help everybody better protect data and networks.中国网络设备供应商华为技术有限公司(Huawei Technologies Co.)称之为,随着美国国家安全局(National Security Agency, 全称:国安局)侵略部分科技产品遭曝光,全球科技产业将面对按地域或政治立场经常出现分化的风险。该公司敦促全球科技制造商进行国际合作,创建行业标准,打造出拟合业务,协助所有人更佳地维护数据和网络。

Theres a very real concern for political or geography-based balkanization, which is in nobodys best interest, said William Plummer, Huaweis Washington, D.C.-based vice president of external affairs. On December 30, Der Spiegel reported that the NSA has targeted Huawei products, among those of other manufacturers, with malicious software and hardware that create backdoors in products.派驻华盛顿特区的华为国际事务副总裁普卢默(William Plummer)说道,我们十分担忧再次发生以地理或政治为界限的分化,这不合乎任何人的最佳利益。12月30日《明镜》周刊(Der Spiegel)报导称之为,美国国安局将华为(还有其他一些制造商的)产品划入了监听对象范围,通过恶意软件及硬件在产品中植入“后门”实行监听活动。Huawei is familiar with what happens when trust splinters. For years it has received complaints from the United States government about the Chinese government potentially introducing backdoors into Huawei equipment. Huawei has denied that this has happened. In October 2012, a U.S. House Intelligence Committee Report urged U.S. telecom providers not to do business with Huawei and ZTE Corp., another Chinese equipment manufacturer. Now that the tables are turned, Huawei is not expressing schadenfreude. Instead, Mr. Plummer suggests that the industry find a global standards-setting organization such as the International Telecommunications Union to help manufacturers bolster security in their products.华为对于信任裂痕的情况并不陌生。

多年来美国政府仍然谴责华为,称之为中国政府有可能在其设备中开办后门。华为回应不予了坚称。2012年10月的一份美国众议院情报委员会(House Intelligence Committee)报告极力主张美国通信服务商不要与华为和中兴通讯股份有限公司(ZTE Corp., 全称:中兴通讯)展开商业合作(中兴通讯是中国另一家设备生产商)。

如今形势挽回,华为并没回应出有幸灾乐祸的态度。忽略,普卢默建议所在的行业通过国际电信联盟(International Telecommunications Union)这样的全球标准原作的组织,来协助设备制造商提高产品安全。The NSA reportedly also targeted enterprise products from Cisco Systems Inc., Juniper Networks Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co. and Dell Inc. These companies say they did not assist the NSA in creating backdoors for their products and will work with customers to communicate any vulnerabilities they find. Juniper, Cisco and Huawei say they are investigating specific allegations about products made in the story.据报导,美国国安局还将思科系统(Cisco Systems Inc., CSCO, 全称:思科)、瞻博网络(Juniper Networks Inc., JNPR)、惠普公司(Hewlett-Packard Co., HPQ)以及戴尔公司(Dell Inc., DELL)划入监听范围。


上述公司称之为没帮助国安局在其产品内开办后门,并回应将与客户合作,就找到的任何潜在漏洞展开交流。瞻博网络、思科及华为称之为,他们正在对文中提到的产品问题展开调查。Huawei is conducting audits of its products to determine if any compromise has occurred. If so, it will develop and communicate appropriate fixes, said Mr. Plummer.普卢默称之为,华为正在对其产品展开评审,以确认否被植入后门。如果确有此事,公司将研究出有改动方法并告诉客户。

Cisco is investigating allegations about the creation of alleged implants for some of the Cisco PIX and Cisco ASA platforms and is posting updates on a blog.思科正在就部分Cisco PIX和Cisco ASA平台被植入后门程序的传闻展开调查,并将在博客上改版进展情况。Juniper Networks, in a statement, said it is not aware of any implants and the company takes allegations of this nature very seriously and are working to address any possible exploit paths.瞻博网络在一份声明中称之为,公司并不知道任何后门软件植入的事情,公司十分坦率地对待此类传闻,并将挡住任何有可能的侵略路径。H-P, in a statement, said it was not aware of any of the information presented in the Der Spiegel article, and we have no reason to believe that the HP ProLiant G5 server mentioned was ever compromised as suggested in the article.惠普在一份声明中称之为,公司此前并不知道《明镜》周刊文章所得出的信息,且没理由坚信惠普Proliant G5服务器如文中提到的那样遭侵略。Dell, in a statement, said it does not work with any government - United States or otherwise - to compromise our products to make them potentially vulnerable for exploit. That includes software implants or so-called backdoors.戴尔在一份声明中称之为,公司没与任何(美国或其他国家或地区)政府合作对公司产品做手脚,为监听生产机会。

这当中还包括植入软件或所谓的后门。The NSA, in a statement, said that the U.S. technology industry builds the most secure hardware and software in the world today. Given its own reliance on many of the very same technologies that the public uses, the U.S. Government is as concerned as the public is with the security of these products. The NSA wont comment on specific alleged intelligence-gathering activities, but the NSAs interest in any given technology is driven by the use of that technology by foreign intelligence targets.国安局在一份声明说道,美国科技产业生产着当今世界最安全性的硬件和软件产品。声明称之为,考虑到公众用于的许多技术也被美国政府赖以用于,因此美国政府也像公众一样十分关心这些产品的安全性。国安局并未就外界提到的明确情报搜集活动置评,但称之为国安局对任何特定技术的注目源自这种技术被外国情报目标所用于。

For now, many customers are upset and there is skittishness about whether their internal networks have been somehow compromised by the NSA, said Avivah Litan, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner Research Inc. You cant just redo your network, she said, adding that IT budgets are tight.Gartner Research Inc.副总裁兼知名分析师利坦(Avivah Litan)说道,当前有许多客户深感不悦,并担忧其内部网络有可能受到国安局的侵略。她说道,修复网络是一件很艰难的事情,并补足说道客户的科技经费有限。Most customers are trying to find more information at the moment, which includes putting pressure on vendors to delineate which products may have been impacted. Some are looking at taking legal action, she said, which could take years. The prospect of closing the alleged backdoors could take several months from a technical perspective.此刻多数客户都在企图提供更加多涉及信息,还包括向供应商施加压力以理解有哪些产品有可能受到了影响。

她说道,一些客户于是以想采行法律手段,这可能会花费数年时间。技术上谈,重开后门程序可能会必须数月时间。Already, in Europe, companies are looking for suppliers not based in the U.S., said Ms. Litan. The trust level is on rock bottom, she added. Its really going to hurt U.S. company business - were already seeing it.利坦说道,欧洲一些公司早已开始找寻美国之外的供应商。她说道,人们的信任度降到了最低点,并补足说道此事的确不会损害到美国公司的业务,我们早已看见了这一迹象。